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Get More Conversions

Convert More Leads

Let cash buyers, private lenders, rent to own tenants, & motivated sellers FIND YOU! We’ve created real estate specific lead pages that will capture the information you need from your lead without losing them to distraction. Just as important, we have pre-built Auto Responders that will ensure you engage with leads immediately!

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Sell More Homes

More than 80% of buyers browse the internet first when looking for a home! We call that low hanging fruit, BUT you have to be in the orchard to pick it! Ideal Web makes it easy to leverage the power of the internet to find motivated sellers, cash buyers, and private lenders.

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 Online Sell Houses

Build Credibility

Build Credibility

Anyone can go build themselves a free website, but will it do the trick? Your website should look like you’ve done thousands of deals, not like you’ve saved thousands of dollars! Lucky for you, with Ideal Web you can accomplish both! Separate yourself immediately with a professional clutter free website, complete with built in lead forms, auto responders, content that converts, social media, a blog and more. All for $995!

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Manage Customers

All the information submitted from sellers and investors will automatically be stored in your basic Customer Relationship Management area so you  never lose your lead information again! Being organized can result in better relationships, more deals, and a lot less stress!

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Manage Customer

Web Management


Web Management

We manage your website. You manage your business

Along with making sure your site is always live online, we’ll take care of all the tedious daily maintenance like security updates, software updates, plugin updates, and page speed monitoring. We’ll also help you customize your site and keep a full backup of your website just in case you edit the site on your own and accidentally delete something! In short, our team will make sure your website is an ASSET, not a DISTRACTION!

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Built In Lead Pages

You might not be marketers, but we are, and we know if your website does one thing, it needs to create leads! We’ve built over 7 powerful real estate specific lead pages with clear call to actions that get you the information you need.

SEO Content

Your site is built from the ground up with SEO in mind, giving you an instant leg up on the competition. Our SEO tool will automatically test the important area’s of any new content you create so you can optimize your page for the term you need.

Auto Responders

Communication is key… but sometimes your busy! With that in mind, we’ve built customized Auto Responders for all the different forms on your site. 30 – 60 minutes after a client completes a form, an email will automatically be sent on your behalf with questions or comments related to that form. You’re welcome.

Social Media Integration

Whether you’re a social media junkie or avoid it like the plague one thing is for sure, your business needs it! We’ve included social media share buttons all over your site so people can share your properties, posts, and information with one easy click.

Built In Blog

Want an easy way to attract more leads? Use the built in WordPress blog on your site. We’ve made it super simple to create blog posts that search engines and clients will love!


Have you already helped people who are willing to give you a testimonial? Your site will come with a built in testimonial area so you can build credibility all that much faster.

Property Listing

Listing your properties will be a seamless process. Whether you do wholesales, rehabs, or rentals you will be able to list your properties within minutes! Listings will be complete with  a photo gallery, Google map, and Google street view!

Professional Email

Ditch the generic Gmail address and get the address that makes you look like the pro that you are. ( Once again, we’ll set it up for you and teach you how to integrate it on your phone or computer.



Responsive Design
We’ll program your site to look beautiful and user friendly no matter what device your clients are on. Desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device! This will help increase conversions and increase your search rank within Google.

Free Domain Name
Your domain name, or web address, is critical! We will help you choose the domain that works best for your business and get it set up for FREE! Already have a domain? We’ll help you transfer it or point the domain to our servers… we’ll even do it for you at no extra cost if you’d like.

Drag & Drop Editor
Our front-end, drag and drop editor, will make editing your site a breeze. You’ll impress the kids and grandkids with your web building skills in no time. Don’t want to make content edits on your own? We’re your web management company, submit them to us and we’ll make them for you!

Custom Website
We will not only build & design the site, but we’ll completely customize it to your liking. After the initial site build you’ll receive a form where you can tell us what to change and what to keep the same.

Generate Leads
With every Ideal Website comes a built in lead generation form that will help you drive more leads for properties and investment opportunities.

We know you’ll need support, and we’ll be there when you do. Create a support ticket with questions and you’ll have an answer within the day. Can’t wait? Visit our support site where we have hours of training videos for you. Don’t see the video you need?  Let us know and we’ll record one specifically for you within 24 hours.



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